Curious Birds Band Members

RAVEN ARIANA, Vocals and Guitar
Raven has been playing guitar since she was 13 years old.  She is self-taught with help from friends along the way.  She plays mostly electric-acoustics and has even made her own custom electric guitar.  She has done some studio engineering, composed music for films, and has also done several ambient music recordings, which make use of natural sounds.  Raven has a deep connection to spirituality.  She is a High Priestess and former chaplain for a hospice program.  She loves dancing to live music, spending time with animals, and creativity in all its forms.
Scott started his musical journey at the age of eight by imitating the Beatles, with friends (complete with tennis racket for guitar), and hasn’t let up since.  He has played guitar, a real one, for 31 years now, and is also proficient on bass, drums and keyboards.  Scott has also worked as both a live and studio sound engineer, record producer, film composer and sound designer, and also played with several quasi-legendary bands, the latest of which is Curious Birds.  Sound in general and music in particular have been a life-long passion and have brought him many rich and strange experiences.  He hopes that these experiences will continue.