Curious Birds Discography

     A Year and a Day Between Sea & Sky  

CD not avalable for purchase.

Release Date: Shapeshifting Records, 1999
Track Listing (total time: 70:02) 
   1.   Year and a Day
   2.   Between Sea and Sky

     The Wheel Turns 

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Release Date: Shapeshifting Records, 2003
Written, Recorded, and Produced by Curious Birds (100% homegrown)
Track Listing (total time: 45:54)

   1.   Will You Still Love Me?
   2.   Sonrise
   3.   Bridefire
   4.   Persephone Return
   5.   Beltane Fire
   6.   Longest Day
   7.   Harvest Time
   8.   Mabon
   9.   Hallows
   10. The Wheel Turns
   11. Sandhill Cranes

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